Structures of Permanent Magnets: Generation of Uniform Fields

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9780471591122: Structures of Permanent Magnets: Generation of Uniform Fields

Advances in Permanent Magnetism Rollin J. Parker This all-in-one guide is an essential tool of the trade for anyone confronted with design problems involving permanent magnets. Covering all practical aspects of permanent magnets, Advances in Permanent Magnetism saves hours of legwork spent chasing down data scattered throughout dozens of specialized texts and articles. The book looks at the entire field, from the origin of permanent magnet behavior to the uses of magnetic components in energy conversion devices, and it offers much new information on high-energy rare-earth magnets. Advances in Permanent Magnetism is designed to get engineers quickly on-line with the knowledge and skills they need to design highly efficient, economical permanent magnetic devices. 1990 (0-471-82293-0) 337 pp. Physical Properties of III V Semiconductor Compounds InP,InAs,GaAs,GaP,InGaAs,and InGaAsP Sadao Adachi Both a practical handbook and reference, this important work brings together in one comprehensive volume the existing theoretical and experimental data on various material properties of InGaAsP and InGaAs alloy semiconductors as well as the properties of related binary semiconductors, InP, InAs, GaAs, and GaP. The book features a complete set of material properties, including: structural properties; mechanical, elastic, and lattice vibrational properties; thermal properties; electronic properties; electron and phonon deformation potentials; optical properties; elastooptic and electrooptic properties; and transport properties. Designed for optimal clarity and ease of use, this practical book summarizes, in graphical, tabular, and functional forms, hard-to-access information on these key semiconductors. 1992 (0-471-57329-9) 336 pp.

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