The Health and Safety Coach: Compendium of Risk Assessment Questionnaires

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9780566083914: The Health and Safety Coach: Compendium of Risk Assessment Questionnaires

The Health and Safety Coach recognizes that, in order to change behaviour and weed out complacency and bad habits that are the primary cause of so many workplace accidents, managers need to be: ¢ challenged about their assumptions; ¢ empowered to help them see things through their own eyes; and ¢ involved in finding their own solutions for avoiding the risks we all face at work. This resource provides over 100 questionnaires, covering the full gamut of Health and Safety at Work. Each contains a range of tough reflective questions for the manager to answer. Working through any one of the questionnaires gives you a complete picture of the topic and the issues you need to think about to ensure safe working. Just like a human coach, some of the questions help you define the area and the risks associated with it; others encourage you to seek information you may not already have; and others challenge what you do (or don’t do) at present and discourage you from avoiding the issue. Alongside the questions, the Coach provides mini-case studies and dilemmas as a vivid reminder that health and safety is about people and to put the risks and hazards into real perspective. The Health and Safety Coach can be used: ¢ for pre- and post-safety training; ¢ during training sessions; ¢ as a structure for one-to-one coaching; ¢ as a tool to help managers to talk to and involve their people; and ¢ for managers to work through on their own. Managers may be resistant to, or ignore, their responsibility for health and safety because: ¢ they choose to be selectively ignorant; ¢ they are frustrated by what they see as their lack of influence; ¢ they lack confidence; and ¢ they are frightened of their responsibility. The Health and Safety Coach will challenge their ignorance. It will show them how simple it is to start the process of good practice and demystify or shrink health and safety to manageable proportions. Best of all, it does it in a way that re

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About the Author:

Christine Martin MIOSH, MIIRSM runs her own Health and Safety Practice in Lincoln. All of the work undertaken by Christine is based on the philosophy of helping others to help themselves. When working with her clients, Christine uses her knowledge and many years of experience within the field of Health and Safety to advise, encourage and support them in their efforts to find sensible, simple and, above all, workable solutions for themselves, to their health and safety problems.

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