The Hot and Cold Summer (An Apple Paperback)

9780590723213: The Hot and Cold Summer (An Apple Paperback)
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Poor Rory and Derek. just as the boys are looking forward to their best summer ever, they're ordered to play host to a girl, named Bolivia, visiting nearby. "You'll love her," parents and neighbors insist -- but the ten-year-old best friends know better. After all, nobody consulted them about making their twosome a threesome. So the boys unleash Rory's revenge: clever schemes to avoid meeting or speaking with their unwanted guest.
Sometimes, though, how you react to a new situation isn't quite the way you thought you were going to. Rory and Derek discover this -- and learn a few things about their own friendship, too -- during what turns out to be a most unpredictable summer.
With her unerring ability to humorously evoke children's concerns and quandaries, Johanna Hurwitz has created yet another story sure to be popular with young readers.

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