Democratizing Data: Transforming Government, Healthcare, Enterprises, the Environment, and Everyday Life

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9780596157982: Democratizing Data: Transforming Government, Healthcare, Enterprises, the Environment, and Everyday Life

This book demonstrates how your organization can improve service, reduce operating costs, improve workforce morale, and rebuild public confidence by using Web 2.0 technology to make information more transparent and readily available.

Written in non-technical language for CTOs, CIOs, progressive managers, and others interested in this process, Democratizing Data provides use-case scenarios and simple, low-cost strategies for using real-time structured data feeds and data visualization to help bring transparency to your company or institution. With this book, you'll learn how:

  • Real-time structured data can give workers the critical information they need, when they need it, to do their work more effectively
  • Providing real-time data feeds to the public can yield profitable new ideas while creating public trust
  • These approaches help facilitate a new style of management based less on command-and-control and more on facilitating collaboration and sharing
  • Visualization can break down barriers between programs and offices, and identify opportunities for collaboration as well as waste and overlap

Written by a consultant and disaster-recovery expert, this timely book will start you down the right path to bring data transparency to your enterprise.

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W. David Stephenson, ( a religion major in college, belatedly became an evangelist ---- for structured data and visualization. He's also particularly credible on data visualization because he has a life-threatening allergy to large columns of numbers in their raw form, while reveling in their visualization.

He is a leading theoretician on the subject (including writing the white paper on it for Don Tapscott's Gov. 2.0 project), and has a 35-year record of innovation and change-management in fields including energy, the environment, Web 2.0, and homeland security. He is a skilled writer, with many years of writing for print publications and the web, with particular emphasis on futurism and explaining technology in easily-understood terms. Known for his holistic thinking, he is witty, irreverent, and passionate.

Stephenson is also a professional speechwriter and former award-winning public relations consultant, and will apply those skills to publicizing the book.

Vivek Kundra is advising the Obama administration's transition team and is in the running for the position of Chief Technology Officer of the United States (

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