David Gifaldi One Thing for Sure

ISBN 13: 9780613840897

One Thing for Sure

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9780613840897: One Thing for Sure

Twelve-year-old Dylan can't bring himself to forgive his father who is serving time in an Oregon prison for illegally cutting timber.

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About the Author:

David Gifaldi is a 5th-grade teacher who lives in Portland, Oregan, with his wife Marita. He has published six books for young readers, including Toby Schudder, Ultimate Warrior, and Rearranging and Other Stories. A picture book and a novel in poems will be published in 2001.

From School Library Journal:

Grade 5-8 When 12-year-old Dylan Robertson meets Amy, who is visiting her grandparents for the summer, he is deep in a funk. His former friends, led by a bully named Max, have ostracized him because Dylan's father is serving time in prison. And, although Dylan publicly defends his father, inside he feels increasing anger and shame toward him and is unable to visit him in prison. Spirited and supportive, Amy quickly becomes his best friend and helps him absorb the harrassment from Max and company. However, when Max and his friends cut the tires of a trail bike that Dylan and Amy have rented, and Dylan has to pay for the damage, his patience is sorely tried. Finally, with Amy's help, Dylan comes up with a scheme to blackmail Max and get him to confess to his crime. Then, buoyed by his success, Dylan finally meets his father in jail and they come to a mutual understanding. Unfortunately, the upbeat spirit of the story and its comic overtones are overshadowed by the didactic triteness of the plot, stilted and cliched dialogue, and predictable characters. Readers of this first novel will find the heroes, villains, and messages all in their proper place, but will find little else to satisfy them. Jack Forman, Mesa College, San Diego
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