Arms of the Storm: TEARS OF RAGE book 3

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9780615674711: Arms of the Storm: TEARS OF RAGE book 3

"Tears of Rage is a fantastical gritty series about faith, dedication, fear, and perseverance. A tale for the times we are in, with realistic characters forced to face their own flaws that are just as dangerous as their enemies. Read it." - Damon Stone, Fantasy Flight Games In First Chosen, Julianna freed the ancient god Grandfather Shadow. He marked her as his high priest, forcing her to choose between her birthrights. In Once We Were Like Wolves, Julianna meets a group of Grandfather Shadows followers for the first time, forcing her to embrace being the Lord Morigahn. Now, Julianna will truly be tested as to what kind of leader she is going to be. Surrounded by allies and enemies, can she be sure who is an ally and who is an enemy? Everyone around her, both her followers and agents of the Kingdom of the Sun, seems to have a secret agenda. In Koma City, estranged brothers, Xander Rosha and Damian Adryck, find themselves entangled in the dangerous web of politics in the Kingdom of the Sun. Can they survive that deadly landscape long enough to determine the rules of that game and who is the key players are? As always, the gods watch, plot, and scheme for power. Readers who enjoy losing themselves in complex worlds such as Robert Jordan's THE WHEEL OF TIME, George RR Martin's A GAME OF THRONES, and Steven Erikson'sTHE MALAZAN BOOK OF THE FALLEN will find themselves right at home with FIRST CHOSEN and the TEARS OF RAGE sequence.

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