Robbins, Anthony Pure Energy

ISBN 13: 9780684809021

Pure Energy

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9780684809021: Pure Energy

From the author of the mega-bestsellers Unlimited Power and Awaken the Giant Within comes an inspiring book that uncovers the secrets behind creating a life of extraordinary joy, wealth, and fulfillment.Anthony Robbins has earned an extraordinary international reputation for transforming the performance of the world's top achievers -- from professional and Olympic athletes, to members of Parliament and two royal families; from top Hollywood celebrities, to the President of the United States. Now in this lively, engaging, and ultimately empowering book, he shares the most powerful secrets for literally transforming the quality of your life overnight. As Anthony Robbins says, "success without fulfillment is failure" -- and in this book he teaches readers the simple and effective steps for instantly transforming fear and frustration into genuine joy and fulfillment.Filled with stories that touch the soul and free the spirit, The Driving Force will teach readers a simple seven-step process to renew the joy and meaning in their lives. The book features the moving stories of today's masters of inspiration such as Christopher Reeve, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela, as well as courageous testimonies from terminally ill individuals who share their life-affirming lessons. You will learn how the power of gratitude can wipe out fear, frustration, and anger; you will discover how selfless contribution to others can produce a life of profound meaning; and you will awaken to the simple truth behind what creates an extraordinary quality of life.

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