Excavations at Sarachane in Istanbul, Volume 2: The Pottery

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9780691035833: Excavations at Sarachane in Istanbul, Volume 2: The Pottery

This volume completes the final report of major excavations carried out by Dumbarton Oaks and the Istanbul Archaeological Museum at Sarahane in the heart of ancient Constantinople. It details finds from the thousand-odd stratigraphical units excavated, which offer a fine sample of the pottery, glassware, and clay lamps in use in the city in Late Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Turkish times. After discussing the wares represented, both local and imported, the author documents fully a series of over eighty stratified deposits, arranged in chronological order and spanning the periods c. A.D. 400-1200 and 1500-1900. Over 2000 listed items are illustrated by profile drawings, with supplementary photographs. The new classification proposed of the Byzantine fine wares is based on fabric, rather than as hitherto on decorative treatment; this is expanded to cover the various unglazed products. The parallel classification of the Turkish plain glazed and coarse wares, which are dated by reference to associated finds of fine wares, offers a basic new tool for the archaeology of the Ottoman period. In addition, a separate section is devoted to glassware of all periods, including a previously unrecognized Early Turkish category.

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