Fundamentals of Cardiology: For the USMLE and General Medics

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9780692357910: Fundamentals of Cardiology: For the USMLE and General Medics

- 'Fundamentals of Cardiology' is a comprehensive and one of the most accurate cardiology review book that guarantees success on cardiology section of any general exam or clinical practice.
- Book begins with high yield clinical concepts of embryology, anatomy, physiology and pharmacology section that will be helpful for any new learner.
- After brushing up few preclinical concepts, it covers all high yield pathology and their managements in quick and easy reading format.
- This book does not make you memorize mnemonic, but it tells you exactly what is the first-next step in investigation-management. This extraordinary method is key for your future and it will distinguish you from others who had not gone through this book.
- All this contents are covered in 276 pages only and thus, a quick updated review guide for anybody interested in reviewing cardiology.

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