Ben Ebbrell Food with Friends

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Food with Friends

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9780718158910: Food with Friends

Enjoy Food with Friends from the Sorted Crew. The second cookbook from the Sorted crew is the ultimate guide for entertaining friends in a fun and fuss-free way. From romantic suppers and family barbecues to curry nights for hungry hordes, the book will teach you the quickest ways to get the party started, whether cooking for two or twenty. With recipe twists on comforting crowd-pleasers, each chapter also offers up speedy 'cheats', tips on menu-planning and how to get the most out of your time spent cooking for, and with, your friends. Food with Friends by the Sorted Crew is THE book for easy entertaining.

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About the Author:

Ben Ebbrell and Barry Taylor head up The Sorted Crew, a group of childhood friends who got together during their university holidays to share anecdotes, assumptions and problems that they were each facing during their first year away from home. After mocking each other's laughable set of domestic skills in the kitchen, Ben decided to help them out with recipe ideas and 'Sorted' was the result. With Ben cooking and Barry taking photographs and using his design skills, the crew set themselves up on YouTube to upload filmed recipes, and these SortedFood video recipes now get millions of views every month. They have self-published two recipe books, A Recipe for Student Survival and A Rookie's Guide to Crackin' Cooking, and Beginners... Get Sorted was their first book with Penguin.

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