Spectrum Mathematics Year 7

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9780733606953: Spectrum Mathematics Year 7

Spectrum 7 provides an accessible, student-friendly introduction to secondary school mathematics and will facilitate a smooth transition from Year 6. These books are suitable for mixed-ability teaching, having carefully-graded questions which enable the more academic students to be extended, whilst the average will be challenged and the weakest, supported. Teachers will find that the language level is appropriate even for those students whose reading skills are weaker than their maths skills, and all students will be able to access the information. As well as covering the existing syllabus, Spectrum 7 has been written to flow-into the new curriculum in years 9 and 10, thereby prepare students for the challenges ahead, and establishing the new working methods that they will need. Spectrum Mathematics 7 offers An innovative and inspiring approach to the existing syllabus New mathematical concepts are explained through clearly worked examples and graded exercises Problem-solving is featured throughout the text, and integrated into every chapter, to ensure that the mathematics is relevant to today's students After every three chapters a cumulative review of the work covered is provided Extensive supplementary exercises at the back of each book contain review and extension questions Each chapter features A list of outcomes which closely match the specific content outcomes of the syllabus Each outcome is also referenced to the appropriate chapter section Many practical activities, some involving group work Clear explanations of concepts with associated examples Lots of well-graded exercises, with questions coded at three levels (standard, challenging and extension) A Language Skills section A Chapter Review containing questions on all of the work in the chapter, cross-referenced to the exercise where that concept first appeared Puzzles to promote a spirit of inquiry, and the development of logical thinking skills 'Get set' introductory questions review essential skills in each section

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