Rethinking the UN Global Compact: Alternative Voices

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9780745331577: Rethinking the UN Global Compact: Alternative Voices

The UN Global Compact is the most renowned corporate social responsibility initiative in the world. The UN Global Compact brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars and practitioners who have theorized, studied, and articulated critiques against the UN Global Compact's soft approach to corporate regulation.

The contributors critically interrogate facets of the UN Global Compact's history, politics, and practices within and beyond the United Nations.

This edited book provides theoretically informed and empirically rich perspectives on the UN Global Compact politics and contemporary debates on corporate social responsibility and corporate accountability.

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About the Author:

CATIA GREGORATTI is a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Political Science, Lund University. She has published a number of articles and book chapters on the UN Global Compact and public-private partnerships in the developing world, and the wider discourse of corporate social responsibility for development and poverty reduction.

BART SLOB is a Senior Researcher at the Dutch NGO SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations) where he coordinates research activities and gives advice to governments and civil society organizations about responsible business practices in various industrial sectors. Bart has also been involved in setting up and coordinating several civil society networks, such as Red Puentes, OECD Watch, and Global Compact Critics.


"I welcome this important book. The UN's troubling marriage with multinational companies needs to be better known. Here, at last, is the information and analysis we need." – James Paul, Executive Director, Global Policy Forum

"The Global Compact is one of the many ways the transnational corporations try to show a smiley face to the world, no matter what their real behaviour. An irresponsible UN helps them get away with it, and the good showcase project here or there doesn't change that reality. The scholars in this book explain as nowhere else why the Global Compact should be abolished forthwith. " – Susan George, Board President, The Transnational Institute

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