Building a Real Time Operating System: RTOS from the Ground Up

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9780750683791: Building a Real Time Operating System: RTOS from the Ground Up

Real-time Operating Systems are an increasingly important tool, as integration of networking functionality, reliability, modularity, and complex multitasking become ever-more prominent concerns for embedded developers. This is because real-time operating systems (RTOSs) enable precise timing of multiple tasks on a much stricter schedule than traditional operating systems. This makes them a key ingredient in the successful deployment of networked embedded systems wherein multiple microprocessors must communicate, and mission/safety-critical embedded systems wherein timely responses to event triggers are of the utmost importance. However, mastering the many benefits offered by an RTOS can be challenging and time-consuming. This practical new book from embedded software expert Colin Walls provides a perfect solution to that problem. It offers a readable and concise introduction to the world of real-time operating systems, providing readers with all the background they need to understand why an RTOS is helpful, how an RTOS can be used, and how an RTOS actually works. The book first introduces all the main concepts of real-time programming and real-time operating systems, and then provides detailed, step-by-step instructions to implementing an RTOS, supported by thorough explanations of the included source code. In addition, the entire source code to a real RTOS is included on the CD-ROM. It may be utilized by readers in any way for free, including commercial contexts. While this pre-emptive kernel is primarily aimed at 8/16 bit systems, with the code being optimized for memory efficiency and ease of understanding, it is easily portable to 32 bit systems, as well.

*Provides a solid understanding of real time operating systems, their components, and how to tailor them to meet specific design needs
*Companion CD-ROM includes a free, fully-functional RTOS from Mentor Graphics!
*Examples throughout the text can actually be run with the C source code on the CD, so readers gain practical, hands-on programming experience

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