Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Starter Set TSR 1167

9780786906406: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: The Complete Starter Set TSR 1167

Sword and Sorcery await! Advanced Dungeon & Dragons is an intense fantasy adventure that's hours of fun! Explore dragon's lairs, brave the dark and dangerous dungeons, quest for the good of the realm. Create your own hero and play as a cunning thief, a brave knight, a secretive wizard and more. From back of box: "Box contains: The Player's Handbook outlines the basic rules, expanded rules, and magic spells. The DUNGEON MASTER Guide provides special information for the game master, and three thrilling adventures! The MONSTROUS MANUAL is filled with ferocious monsters and rich treasures! A full-color dungeon map gets your first adventures started right away! Six hero cards give complete details on the game characters! A stand-up screen contains the information the Dungeon Master needs to run the game! Six plastic figures represent the players' characters! Seven different types of dice control the action including Red Dragon Champion Dice! The Book of Lairs provides enough adventure for hundreds of hours of play! The big yellow box represents hours of entertainment!

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