Using Windows 98 Platinum Edition

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9780789714879: Using Windows 98 Platinum Edition

Taking the same straight-forward approach as Que's "Special Edition Using" titles do, this book limits its coverage to topics of direct interest to the majority of users. It provides readers with the most comprehensive, revelant and understandable reference to Windows 98.

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This huge book from a popular series has all the answers for new Windows 98 users. If you want to know how to do something fairly basic with Windows 98, you'll probably find the appropriate procedure in these pages.

Special Edition Using Windows 98 helps computer neophytes who are just getting used to the mouse make the transition to being Windows 98 users who know how to do basic operations with Windows 98. The book then helps users move to Windows 98 power users, people who enjoy working with the operating system and know how to get the most from it.

Logically enough, the book begins by explaining how to start Windows and how to manipulate its various interface elements. (Actual installation of the operating system is covered in an appendix). From there, the book details the new Windows 98 interface options--Web style or Classic style--and explains the various means of manipulating and organizing files.

Helpfully, this book provides good coverage of installing applications--after all, Windows 98 isn't of much use on its own. Printing--always a source of trouble--and hardware installation get their own chapters. (The section on adding hard drives would benefit from diagrams.) As you might expect, a large portion of this book has to do with networks (from the Internet on down) and the programs related to them. Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, and FrontPage Express receive super coverage, and even virtual private networks (VPNs) get some ink. You'll find out how to connect to networks via network cards, modems, and other means.

Some excellent troubleshooting guides and a glossary conclude the book, and a companion CD-ROM holds some reference tools and some potentially handy software.

From the Publisher:

Special Edition Using Windows 98 is the best core reference / tutorial book available. The Special Edition Using series continuous state of evolution and improvement for over the last ten years makes them the most customer focused and highly refined books availableThis title provides readers with the most comprehensive, relevant and understandable reference to Windows 98This new edition features complete coverage of all new Windows 98 features including Internet Explorer 4.0, the Active Desktop, and Shell IntegrationThe book is two color, features a new, more effective design, handy task-reference tear cards, a wealth of productivity-boosting tips, notes and cautions as well as a very strong collection of valuable software on the CD-ROM - New edition of industry's #1 selling Windows core reference/tutorial -

- with 460,000 copies sold world wide as of 6/97

- Completely updated to cover everything new in Windows 98 including Internet Explorer 4.0, the Active Desktop, Dynamic HTML and Shell Integration options.

- Provides readers with more answers and step-by-step solutions than any other title on the market

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