Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Volume I: 1

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9780849304613: Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Volume I: 1

Biomedical Engineering

Contact Editor: Stern

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Transport Phenomena and Biomimetic Systems, Roberts J. Fisher, Section Editor NEW!
Introduction, R.J. Fisher
Biomimetic Systems, R.J. Fisher
Diffusional Processes and Engineering Design, E.N. Lightfoot
Animal Surrogate Systems, M.L. Shuler
Microvasular Heat Transfer, J.W. Baish
Interstitial Transport in the Brain: Principles for Local Drug Delivery, W.M. Saltzman
Arterial Wall Mass Transport: The Possible role of Blood Phase Resistance in the Localization of Arterial Disease, J.M. Tarbell, and Y. Qui
Biotechnology, Martin L. Yarmush and Mehmet Toner, Section Editors
Introduction, M.L. Yarmush
Protein Engineering, A.J. Russell and C. Vierheller
Monoclonal Antibodies and Their Engineered Fragments, S. Sundaram and D. Yarmush
Antisense Technology, S.P. Walton, C,M. Roth, and M.L. Yarmuch Revised!
Tools for Genome Analysis, R. Kaiser
Vaccine Production, J.G. Aunins, A.L. Lee, and D.B. Volkin
Gene Therapy, J.M. Le Doux, J.R. Morgan, and M.L. Yarmush Revised!
Cell Engineering, D.A. Lauffenburger
Metabolic Engineering, C. Zupke
Tissue Engineering, Bernhard Ø. Palsson and Jeffrey A. Hubbell, Section Editors
Introduction, B.Ø. Palsson and J.A. Hubbell
Tissue Engineering, F. Berthiaume and M.L. Yarmush Revised!
Surface Immobilization of Adhesion Ligands for Investigations of Cell-Substrate Interactions, P.D. Drumheller and J.A. Hubbell
Biomaterials: Protein-Surface Interactions, J.A. Chinn and S.M. Slack Revised!
Engineering Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering: The 10-100 Micron Size Scale, D. Mooney and R.S. Langer
Regeneration Templates, I.V. Yannas Revised!
Fluid Shear Stress Effects on Cellular Function, C.W. Patrick, Jr., R. Sampath, and L.V. McIntire
The Roles of Mass Transfer in Tissue Function, E.N. Lightfoot Revised!
The Biology of Stem Cells, C.T. Jordan and G. Van Zant
Cell Motility and Tissue Architecture, G.A. Dunn
Tissue Microenvironments, M.W. Long
The Importance of Stromal Cells, B.A. Naughton Revised!
Tissue Engineering of Bone Marrow, M.R. Koller and B.Ø. Palsson
Tissue Engineering of the Liver, T.H. Kim and J.P. Vacanti
Tissue Engineering in the Nervous System, R. Bellamkonda and P. Aebischer
Tissue Engineering of Skeletal Muscle, S.V. Brooks and J.A. Faulkner Revised!
Tissue Engineering of Cartilage, L.E. Freed and G. Vunjak-Novakovic Revised!
Tissue Engineering of the Kidney, H.D. Humes Revised!
Prostheses and Artificial Organs, Robert Nerem, Section Editor
Introduction, R. Nerem
Artificial Heart and Circulatory Assist Devices, G. Rosenberg
Cardiac Valve Prostheses, A.P. Yoganathan
Vascular Grafts, D.N. Ku and R.C. Allen
Artificial Lungs and Blood-Gas Exchange Devices, P.M. Galletti and C.K. Colton
Artificial Kidney, P.M. Galletti, C.K. Colton, and M.J. Lysaght
Peritoneal Dialysis Equipment, M.J. Lysaght and J. Moran
Therapeutic Apheresis and Blood Fractionation, A.L. Zydney Revised!
Liver Support Systems, P.M. Galletti and H.O. Jauregui
Artificial Pancreas, P.M. Galletti, C.K. Colton, M. Jaffrin, and G. Reach
Nerve Guidance Channels, R.F. Valentini
Tracheal, Laryngeal, and Esophageal Replacement Devices, Y. Shimizu and T. Nakamura
Artificial Blood, M. Intaglietta and R.M. Winslow Revised!
Artificial Skin and Dermal Equivalents, I.V. Yannas Revised!
Rehabilitation Engineering, Charles J. Robinson, Section Editor
Introduction, C.J. Robinson
Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology, C.J. Robinson Revised!
Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics in Rehabilitation, M. Lord and A. Turner-Smith
Wheeled Mobility: Wheelchairs and Personal Transportation, R.A. Cooper Revised!
Externally Powered and Controlled Orthotics and Prosthetics, D.B. Popovic Revised!
Sensory Augmentation and Substitution, K.A. Kaczmarek Revised!
Augmentative and Alternative Communication, B. Romich Revised!
Measurement Tools and Processes in Rehabilitation Engineering, G.V. Kondraske Revised!
Rehabilitation Engineering Technologies: Principles of Application, D. Hobson and E. Trefler
Historical Perspectives 4: Electromyography, L.A. Geddes
Human Performance Engineering, George V. Kondraske, Section Editor
Introduction, G.V. Kondraske
A Working Model for Human System - Task Interfaces, G.V. Kondraske Revised!
Measurement of Neuromuscular Performance Capacities: Tracking Tasks, S.S. Smith Revised!
Measurement of Sensory-Motor Control Performance Capacities, R.D. Jones Revised!
Measurement of Information-Processing Performance Capacities, G.V. Kondraske and P.J. Vasta Revised!
High-Level Task Analysis: Mental Components, K.J. Maxwell
Task Analysis and Decomposition: Physical Components, S.N. Imrhan
Human-Computer Interface Design Issues, K.J. Maxwell
Applications of Human Performance Measurements to Clinical Trials to Determine Therapy Effectiveness and Safety, P.J.H. Beehler and K. Syndulk

  • Revised!
    Applications of Quantitative Assessment of Human Performance in Occupational Medicine, M. Parnianpour
    Human Performance Engineering: Computer-Based Design and Analysis Tools, P.J. Vasta and G.V. Kondraske Revised!
    Human Performance Engineering: Challenges and Prospects for the Future, G.V. Kondraske Revised!
    Physiologic Modeling, Simulation, and Control, Joseph Palladino, Section Editor
    Introduction, J.L. Palladino
    Modeling Strategies in Physiology, J.L. Palladino, G. Drzewiecki, and A. Noordergraaf Revised!
    Compartmental Models for Physiologic Systems, C. Cobelli and M.P. Saccomani Revised!
    Cardiovascular Models and Control, W. D. Timmons
    Respiratory Models and Control, C.-S. Poon Revised!
    Neural Networks for Physiologic Control, J.J. Abbas Revised!
    Methods and Tools for Identification of Physiologic Systems, V.Z. Marmarelis
    Autoregulating Windkessel Dynamics May Cause Low Frequency Oscillations, G. Drzewiecki, J. K-J. Li, and A. Noordergraaf NEW!
    Control of Movements, D.B. Popovic´ Revised!
    The Fast Eye Movement Control System, J.D. Enderle
    Clinical Engineering, Yadin David, Section Editor
    Introduction, Y. David
    Clinical Engineering: Evolution of a Discipline, J.D. Bronzino
    Management and Assessment of Medical Technology, Y. David and T.M. Judd Revised!
    Risk Factors, Safety, and Management of Medical Equipment, M.L. Gullikson
    Clinical Engineering Program Indicators, D.D. Autio and R.L. Morris
    Quality Improvement and Team Building, J.P. McClain New!
    A Standards Primer for Clinical Engineers, A. Wald Revised!
    Regulatory and Assessment Agencies, M.E. Bruley and V.H. Coates
    Application of Virtual Instruments in Healthcare, E. Rosow, and J. Adam NEW!
    Medical Informatics, Luis G. Kun, Section Editor
    Introduction, L.G. Kun
    Hospital Information Systems: Their Function and State, T.A. Pryor
    Computer-Based Patient Records, J.M. Fitzmaurice Revised!
    Computer Networks in Health Care, S. Sengupta
    Overview of Standards Related to the Emerging Health Care Information Infrastructure, J.S. Blair
    Non-AI Decision Making, R. Summers and E.R. Carson Revised!
    Design Issues in Developing Clinical Decision Support and Monitoring Systems, J.W. Goethe and J.D. Bronzino
    Artificial Intelligence, Stanley M Finkelstein, Section Editor
    Introduction, S.M. Finkelstein
    Artificial Intelligence in Medical Decision Making: History, Evolution, and Prospects, C.A. Kulikowski Revised!
    Artificial Neural Networks: Definitions, Methods, Applications, D.A. Zanher and E. Micheli-Tzanakou
    Clinical Decision Systems, P. Nykänen and N. Saranummi Revised!
    Expert Systems: Methods and Tools, R. Summers and E.R. Carson
    Knowledge Acquisition and Representation, C. Garbay Revised!
    Knowledge-Based Systems for Intelligent Patient Monitoring and Management in Critical Care Environments, B.M. Dawant Revised!
    Medical Terminology and Diagnosis Using Knowledge Bases, P.L.M. Kerkhof Revised!
    Natural-Language Processing in Biomedicine, S.B. Johnson Revised!
    Historical Perspectives 5: Electroencephalography, L.A. Geddes
    Ethical Issues Associated with Medical Technology, Subrata Saha and Joseph D. Bronzino, Section Editors NEW!
    Introduction, S. Saha and J. Bronzino
    Professional Ethics in Biomedical Engineering, D.E. Wueste
    Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, and Technological Progress, J.D. Bronzino
    Ethical issue of Animal and Human Experimentation in the Development of Medical Devices, S. Saha, and P.S. Saha
    Regulation of Medical Device Innovation, J.D. Bronzino
    Appendix: Role of Professional Societies in Biomedical Engineering, S. Laxminarayan, J. Bronzino, J. Beneken, S. Usai, and R. Jones
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    Bronzino, Joseph D.
    Editore: CRC Press (1999)
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    Bronzino, Joseph D.
    Editore: CRC Press (1999)
    ISBN 10: 084930461X ISBN 13: 9780849304613
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    Descrizione libro CRC Press, 1999. Condizione libro: New. Brand New, Unread Copy in Perfect Condition. A+ Customer Service! Summary: Updating the 1995 edition with substantially revised chapters, this first of a two-volume "bible" for this growth field presents core knowledge in those subdisciplines comprising biomedical engineering: e.g. biomechanics, clinical engineering, and artificial intelligence. The editor charts scope of the field and the activities of its practitioners, and briefly overviews the evolution of the modern health care system. The 151 international contributors provide coverage of: physiologic systems, bioelectric phenomena, biomechanics, biomaterials, biomedical sensors, biomedical signal analysis, imaging, medical instruments and devices, and the biological effects of nonionizing electromagnetic fields. Appends the basics of blood gas instrumentation. Includes b&w photos of diagnostic and treatment equipment, X-ray images, and schematics of various processes. Ethical issues are relegated to v.2. Codice libro della libreria ABE_book_new_084930461X

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    Bronzino, Joseph D.
    Editore: CRC Press (1999)
    ISBN 10: 084930461X ISBN 13: 9780849304613
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