A. C. Generators: Design and Application (Electrical Machines Series)

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9780863800924: A. C. Generators: Design and Application (Electrical Machines Series)

The author had over 40 years experience of designing A.C. generators and in this book he has distilled his knowledge into a sound, practical description of the design and application of A.C. generators. He concentrates on the engineering principles involved and, as far as possible, avoids the lengthy use of equations, though a comprehensive list of references provides information on sources of the various calculations and theory that are necessary in designing generators. This book explains the effects of the many different approaches that are possible, and shows how various parts of a design affect other aspects of the performance thereby giving guidance on which can be sacrificed for the general good.

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Presents practical criteria for designing synchronous generators. Assuming a familiarity with electro-magnetic theory and manufacturing methods, this practical guide to designing commercial machines details how to obtain reliable calculations for the various quantities involved. Recognizing that effective design involves a certain degree of compromise between many conflicting requirements, the author shows how to determine which properties are of most importance and which may be sacrificed while still producing a satisfactory machine. The use of mathematical formulas is avoided, except in a few special cases, and ample sources and references are provided at the end of the book.

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