Why We Remain Jews: The Path to Faith

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9780897337175: Why We Remain Jews: The Path to Faith

Dr. Tsesis describes the path he traversed from religious ignorance to strong belief in the Jewish religion. In this book whose themes intersect with philosophy, theology, and ethics, Tsesis assigns a special place to the proof of his conclusion that religion and science--especially in light of recent discoveries--are not antagonists, and are, in fact, in complete harmony, supplementing and not excluding each other. In the spirit of ecumenism Tsesis speaks about coexistence of different religions, which share the common objective of assurance of perpetual survival of the human race. The unifying theme of this book, however, is the beauty of the Jewish religion and a possible answer to the question of why we remain Jews.

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From the Author:

In addition to the main theme addressed in its title my latest book Why We Remain Jews. The Path To Faith," also elaborates on such important issues as numerous personal stories about my experience of growing up in the Soviet Union, a country of the state atheism and state guided anti-Semitism, a harmony between Religion and Science, encounter and dealing with missionary activity, constructive interfaith dialogue and about respect to all life-asserting religions. Naturally, the central theme of the book is beauty of Judaism.

About the Author:

Vladimir Tsesis grew up in the former Soviet Union and practiced General Pediatrics there for 10 years before immigration with his wife and son to the USA in 1974.
He was an active provider of medical care to Cholera Epidemic patients in Odessa, Ukraine in 1970.
After emigrating to the US Dr. Tsesis continued practicing pediatrics for another 30 years. Dr. Tsesis is an author of five successful books published in the USA and in Russia. He lives in Chicago area with his wife.

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