A Guide to Jewish Practice: Volume 2- Shabbat and Holidays

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9780938945024: A Guide to Jewish Practice: Volume 2- Shabbat and Holidays

Following in the path of the acclaimed first volume of the proposed three-volume set of A Guide to Jewish Practice, Volume 2 is devoted to Shabbat and the Jewish holidays. The book opens vistas of meaning and practice that will inspire readers to shape their own approaches to living the cycle of the Jewish year. Several outstanding rabbis have authored the main texts on Shabbat and the holidays, and the thoughts of 36 insightful commentators grace the bottom of each page. As with Volume 1, the approach of this book in the Guide series is values-based. It provides the knowledge, insights, principles and values that can form the foundation for personal decision making and practice. Jewish civilization is grounded in the cycle of the Jewish year. Demarcated by holy days and seasons with different themes and moods, the Jewish year is shaped by practices that carry memories and perspectives, ideas and beliefs. Connecting to the cycle of the Jewish year is essential to shaping Jewish identity and living a fully Jewish life. The diverse ways of observing Shabbat and the Jewish holidays provide individuals with creative approaches to enriching their spiritual lives, expressing their values, connecting to others and acting upon their commitments to social justice. This book brilliantly opens up these possibilities to every reader.

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