Combined Arms: Modern Miniature Wargaming (Command Decision)

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9780943580326: Combined Arms: Modern Miniature Wargaming (Command Decision)

Modern combat is fast, furious, and deadly. Both NATO and the Warsaw Pact emphasize the value of moibility and firepower, and this doctrine is expressed in a vast and technologically sophisticated array of weapons. Laser range-finders, thermal sights, radar-seeking missiles, and counterbattery radar all add to the accelerated pace which is the trademark of modern combat. Combined Arms has been designed to portray the machines, the speed, and the confusion of the modern battlefield within a playable miniatures rules system. Based on the popular Command Decision rules for World War II miniatures wargaming, Combined Arms balances realism and accuracy with playability to produce a game tha not only plays quickly, but also is fun to play. Combined Arms is designed for play at the operational level of combat and is played in real time. A premium is placed on command, and the game is designed to reflect the need for command control over a battlefield which is rapidly changing. Decisions need to be made quickly and accurately, or you can lose control of the battle.

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