Oil Analysis Basics

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9780967596419: Oil Analysis Basics

Written by the editors of Practicing Oil Analysis Magazine, Jim Fitch and Drew Troyer, this book will prove to be a great resource for passing the STLE Oil Monitoring Analyst (OMA) Level 1 exam.

Packed with useful information, this book is a must-read for anyone involved in oil analysis or lubrication.

As much as possible, the material in this book is based upon the referenced STLE "body of knowledge" for the OMA Level 1 Exam. This is the source of articles from which the exam questions are taken and referenced. This material has been expanded upon and interpreted by the authors into a usable form to serve as a general oil analysis reference guide and to assist in the preparation for the exam.

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About the Author:

Jim Fitch is a founder and president of Noria Corporation, a leading company solely dedicated to education and services in the field of oil analysis. He has built up a commercial laboratory from scratch, patented numerous oil analysis instruments, and served as advisor to leading organizations in condition monitoring. Jim Fitch has successfully helped numerous companies set-up oil analysis programs, including 3M, Champion Paper, Detroit Edison, Eli Lilly, Union Pacific and NASA. His keen interest in education is reflected in the more than 350 lectures and seminars he has given on the subject in some 20 countries. Jim is a widely published author and editor of Practicing Oil Analysis magazine, a trade-journal distributed to more than 7,000 maintenance professionals. Drew D. Troyer is the director of technical services for Noria Corp., and the senior editor of Practicing Oil Analysis magazine. Drew has published over 30 technical papers and articles about improving the performance of industrial equipment by employing oil analysis. His articles have appeared in Quality Progress, Maintenance Technology, P/PM Technology and other leading journals in the United States and abroad. His "streamlined" approach to oil analysis has become the standard for lubricant condition monitoring programs that incorporate on-site testing. A highly popular speaker, Drew Troyer has been a featured presenter at over 50 conferences, symposiums and technical meetings around the world. In consulting roles, he has supported dozens of major industrial corporations and utilities around the world, including Southern California Edison, Castrol, British Steel, Saturn, TU Electric, Ford, Commonwealth Edison, ARCO and many others. He regularly teaches public and private courses on oil analysis world-wide. Drew is a Certified Reliability Engineer and holds BS and MBA degrees.

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