The Origin of Speeches: Intelligent Design in Language

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9780971938885: The Origin of Speeches: Intelligent Design in Language

The Origin of Speeches begins by recapping the history of our views about the source of language. It then debunks the errors that infuse your dictionary, like those about how words in “unrelated” languages could only have identical sound and sense by “coincidence.” It does so with both quality and quantity of data. The next chapters give anyone the skills to sleuth out the Edenic origin of any human word. One learns about letters that shift in sound and location, and letters that drop in and drop out. We discover how Edenics works much like other natural sciences, such as chemistry and physics. Like-sounding opposite words were certainly programmed, not pragmatically evolved. Our current academics and reference books consider the Tower of Babel account to be a quaint Genesis “myth.” True, linguists now think there once WAS a universal human language, but they assume that it evolved chaotically, and that it also de-evolved naturally and chaotically over millennia. Now comes an epical book that documents the language of the earliest modern humans. Let’s call them Adam and Eve, and let’s call that global Mother Tongue “Edenic.” Surely our current 6,000 languages grew from migrations and such, but this book proves that there was a “Big Bang” that diversified that special original, global language.

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About the Author:

Isaac Elchanan Mozeson (b. 1951 in British Columbia) grew up in Plymouth and Brookline, Mass. He taught English at universities like Yeshiva College (where he got his B.A.) and New York University, where he completed doctoral studies. Mozeson published a monograph and anthology of poetry, reviewed books for Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, and others, and co-authored books on Jewish history, homelessness, Israel and urban slang. Since various editions of The Word (1989), Mozeson founded Edenics, and heads a group of global researchers. Some of the volunteers, and samples of the data are at Edenics posts, word searches, and Edenics word games are at In January 2010 Mozeson moved to Israel.

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