Xenomorph Invasion: The Game

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9780974469874: Xenomorph Invasion: The Game

Peace was never something humans were good at. But when you fight for decades in civil unrest you tend to miss things. Alien transmissions, genetic manipulation, and religions growing out of control. All minor in the vast picture until it comes around to kill you. Welcome to the far future. One where humanity just got a wakeup call from two very alien species: one mechanical and one constantly evolving gene cell. The Xmorph invasion is here! In this book you get: -The most definitive rule set for Fuzion mecha gaming yet! -Learn about humanity in the far future. -Discover the chaos of the Xmorph race! -Marvel at the Hbot influence on human technology! -Pilot transformable fighters against everything from pirates to Xmorph Space Feeders! -Hump the jungle in a Prowler armor hunting down threats to the human empire! -Make your enemies ears bleed with the screech of the Banshee rail gun! -It's war on a level unseen in a Role-Playing Game! *This game is Fuzion Powered

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