The Ultimate CAPM Exam Prep Kit

9780982393338: The Ultimate CAPM Exam Prep Kit

TSI's Ultimate CAPM® Exam Prep Self Study Course includes everything you need to pass the CAPM® Exam. This comprehensive, self-paced course makes learning easy with our roadmap to success, and our testing tools. In addition to our exclusive study tools, you will need to use your own copy of the Fifth Edition PMBOK® Guide. Our CAPM® Exam Prep Simulator allows you to take unlimited CAPM® practice exams so you can easily gauge your understanding of the study materials. The CAPM® Exam Prep Self Study Course includes the following: 1. 550 page CAPM® exam prep workbook 2. Five poster Set showing knowledge areas, inputs and outputs. 3. Roadmap poster to map your success path step by step 4. Free support Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00 pm CT 5. CAPM® Online Exam Prep Simulator to test your comprehension and focus your study

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About the Author:

Wes Balakian, PMP, is the CEO of True Solutions Inc. (TSI), a Dallas-based global project management consulting and training organization. Mr. Balakian is a published author, accomplished speaker, strategic facilitator, and successful instructor delivering strategic planning and consulting services to organizations throughout the world. As a strategic facilitator Wes has worked with Boards of Directors and executive management to develop strategic initiatives that have delivered positive results. Wes holds an Advanced Master s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University s School of Business. He recently graduated for the Project Management Institute s (PMI s) Leadership Institute Masters Class in Budapest. With a long history of volunteerism and a true project management evangelist, Wes has been instrumental in changing the way project management is delivered, perceived, and globally received. Wes has been a contributing leader of the PMI since 1999. He has held board positions throughout his tenure at PMI, and has conducted strategic planning, strategic alignment, and visioning workshops for several organizations. Mr. Balakian is well versed in corporate culture and strategic planning and alignment as it relates to organizational maturity, and is well-known for his practical expertise as a successful mentor and facilitator. His experience includes development of critical business process improvement strategies and short- and long-term strategic planning for executive management teams. He has extensive knowledge in implementation and management of complex, business-to-business process solutions for client relationship management and workforce optimization & planning. Since 1999, Wes s successful business venture, TSI, has successfully delivered strategic value, corporate strategy, leadership training, program management, portfolio management, project management, and process development to global 1000 companies. The TSI brand continues to grow and be recognized throughout the world as proven leader in planning, and delivery of business solutions across industries.

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