Vocology The Science and Practice of Voice Habilitation

9780983477112: Vocology The Science and Practice of Voice Habilitation

Vocology is a book intended for practitioners who wish to change vocal behavior. This astonishing collaboration of two of the most renowned voice experts, "VOCOLOGY", offers an equal amount of theory and application for those looking to embed voice specialty into their program. Whether your profession be music, theater, speech language pathology, otolaryngology, or voice science. In its broadest sense, vocology is the study of vocalization. This can include every aspect of human and animal sound-making in airways within the body. As a professional discipline, we give vocology a narrower focus in this book: the science and practice of voice habilitation, which includes evaluation, diagnosis, and behavioral intervention. The emphasis in this definition is on habilitation rather than rehabilitation. Restating from Principles of Voice Production (Titze, 1994, 2000): "Habilitation is the process of enabling, equipping for, or capacitating. Voice habilitation is therefore more than repairing a voice, or bringing it back to a normal state. It includes the process of building and strengthening the voice to meet specific needs." We have introduced vocology as a discipline that combines expertise from speech pathology, vocal music, theatre arts, and otolaryngology.

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