Hefner, Jacob Bokeh

ISBN 13: 9780985456726

9780985456726: Bokeh

First Edition

41 beautiful young woman free of makeup, cosmetic procedures, and tattoos. Eight nationalities photographed in eight countries. 100% Photoshop free.
Bokeh is derived from the Japanese word for blur. In photography it corresponds to the out of focus areas in regards to their appearance, "feel," or quality. Often when taking portraits, people respond positively to the contrast which separates the in focus and out of focus areas. This contrast can be used to really separate the subject from the background and give a "pop" to the picture. It adds a certain mood and when paired with late afternoon sunlight, that mood takes on an especially romantic feel. Bokeh combined with an over exposed photo gives an ethereal look that is often paired with beautiful women and young children. In this case, I've paired 41 of the former with a full frame image sensor and a lens shot wide open at f1.2 for each of these 90 photographs.

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