Q7: Book One of the Quantum 7 Series (Volume 1)

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9780985567941: Q7: Book One of the Quantum 7 Series (Volume 1)

What Would YOU Do If Your Thoughts Had the Power to Change the World? When Dr. Jerrod Jacobs meets Renee Shelton in an operating recovery room, he convinces her to participate in his research program. During brain wave frequency experiments, Renee dreams of flying through to Hawaii, New York, France and England to participate in past events. Small changes to the past have an unpredictable effect on the future. Quantum 7 is a YA, contemporary, fictional tale of time travel inspired by recent scientific discoveries, tachyonic particles, and quantum theory. It does not contain sexual situations or profanity. Available formats: eBook and trade paperbacks in standard and larger sized text for a total of 87,145 words. This book has been proofed and edited by the author, and editors Anne Walls, and JZ Chang. T.R. Mackie collaborated with Lyndsey Lewellen to create the book cover designs. **Trade paperbacks have thicker paper covers and pages, and are larger than mass market paperbacks.

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