A Manual of Archive Administration Including the Problems of War Archives and Archive Making

9781150104251: A Manual of Archive Administration Including the Problems of War Archives and Archive Making
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This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text, images, or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1922. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... British Museum: Policy of selection ad- opted by, in purchase of MSS., 43. --: eee also under Kenyon, Sir Fred- erick. Bromley [William, Sec. of State, 1713, 1714], his Care of State Papers, 158 n. Br uxelles. Vorganisation des Archives de la ville de, 137 n. Buckingham [Henry Stafford], Duke of, 35. Buckland, C. S. B., Notes by, 111, 158. Bulk of Archives: see under War Ar- chives. Business, Effect of new methods of, on Archives, 138-141. --, Mixed Archives of (File System), 141. C Caesar, Sir Julius, Papers of, 218. Calendars, Use of Photostat for making, 110. --, Rules for making, 110, App. VI. Calendarers, Criticism of work of, 112. --, Procedure for, 19. Cancer, Powder for Curing: see under Documents. Carbon Ink: see under Materials. Cardboard: see under Documents. Carlton Ride (London), Record Reposi- tory at, 118. Cartularies, Private, as Public Records, 37, 188. Cash Books as a form of Archives, 123. --: see also under Receipt, Exchequer of. Casts and Moulds: see under Seals. Cely [George], Letter of, 67. Ccly Papers: see Maiden, H. E. Chamberlains: see under Receipt, Ex- chequer of. Chancery, English, Earliest archives of, 24. --, --, Procedure of, in fourteenth cen- tury, 88. --, --: see also under Administration. Charters, Royal, Forgeries of, 11. Chatham MSS., 190. Cheirographer, Office of, in Court of Common Pleas, 36. Chemical Society, Transactions of, 65. Chemist, Help of, in solution of Archive problems, 54. Chitty, H., Note by, 54. Chronology, Works on, 196. Chubb, L., Note by, 41. Cinematograph Films, as Archives, 137. Class Headings: see under Arrange- ment. Classes, Composite: see under De- struction. Classification of Archives, 79-100. Cleaning: see under Repositories. Climate, Effect of, on Archives, 65. Cockerel!, Douglas, Bookbin...

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