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NMR Spectroscopy: Data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis

9783527328710: NMR Spectroscopy: Data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis
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Merging all three volumes of the successful series "Spectroscopic Techniques: An Interactive Course" on NMR, this book serves as a practical approach and teaching tool for students and scientists applying NMR spectroscopy. By using the BRUKER software on the enclosed interactive CD-ROM, readers learn quickly and effectively how to operate a NMR spectrometer without wasting valuable spectrometer time. Thus, the beginner is not only guided from acquiring data to extracting spectroscopic details from an experimental data set, but is also confronted with a large variety of typical experiments. At the same time, trained users are introduced to more advanced experiments, such as 2D and 3D NMR spectroscopy, while the experienced NMR spectroscopist will discover ways to use the software for advanced 1D spectra simulation and iteration, including dynamic NMR.
A cost-effective teaching tool, offering learning by doing and backed by hints, exercises and problems relating to data acquisition, processing and analysis.

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Christian Schorn is NMR manager of the SP INTERVET Innovation GmbH in Schwabenheim, Germany. He studied chemistry at the University of Cologne and made his diploma thesis in chemical engineering in the central research department of the Bayer AG, Leverkusen. In 1997 he completed his PhD thesis on structural investigation using 19F NMR spectroscopy at the University of Cologne. For a post-doctoral stay he went to the University of Bern, Switzerland, where he worked on pulse program development and structural characterization in the NMR service laboratory of Peter Bigler. During his post-doctoral fellowship at the ETH Zürich, Switzerland, he worked with Nobel Prize winner Kurt Wüthrich on mammalian prion protein structures. From 2005 until 2007 he was Principal Investigator for GlaxoSmithKline R&D Limited, Tonbridge, UK.
Christian Schorn has published with Wiley-VCH two editions of the volume "NMR-Spectroscopy: Data Acquisition" of the successful series "Spectroscopic Techniques: An Interactive Course".

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