Crafting and Executing Strategy: Concepts and Readings: Global Edition with Connect

9780071314589: Crafting and Executing Strategy: Concepts and Readings: Global Edition with Connect

The 18th edition of Crafting and Executing Strategy represents one of our most important and thoroughgoing revisions ever. The newest member of the author team, Margie Peteraf, led a thorough re-examination of every paragraph on every page of the 17th edition chapters. The overriding objectives were to inject new perspectives and the best academic thinking, strengthen linkages to the latest research findings, modify the coverage and exposition as needed to ensure squarely on-target content, and give every chapter a major facelift. While this 18th edition retains the same 12-chapter structure of the prior edition, every chapter has been totally refreshed. And the chapter content continues to be solidly mainstream and balanced, mirroring both the best academic thinking and the pragmatism of real-world strategic management.

An attractive collection of 20 relevant, readable, and recent readings that amplify important topics in managing a company's strategy-making, strategy-executing process is included in this Concepts and Readings version to provide students with a taste of the literature of strategic management before tackling cases or simulation projects.

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A.J. (Lonnie) Strickland received a BS in Math and Physics from the University of Georgia, an MS in Industrial Management from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a PhD from Georgia State university. He currently holds the rank of Professor of Strategic Management in the Graduate School of Business at the University of Alabama. He has done extensive consulting and research work. In recent years, he was honored with the Outstanding Professor Award for the Graduate School of Business, and was the recipient of the Outstanding Commitment to Teaching Award for the University of Alabama.


Part I: Concepts and Techniques for Crafting and Executing Strategy

Section A: Introduction and Overview
1: What Is Strategy and Why Is It Important?
2: Leading the Process of Crafting and Executing Strategy
Section B: Core Concepts and Analytical Tools
3: Evaluating a Company’s External Environment
4: Evaluating a Company’s Resources and Competitive Position
Section C: Crafting a Strategy
5: Five Generic Competitive Strategies--Which One to Employ?
6: Supplementing the Chosen Competitive Strategy: Other Important Strategy Choices
7: Strategies for Competing in Foreign Markets
8: Diversification: Strategies for Managing a Group of Businesses
9: Ethical Business Strategies, Social Responsibility, and Environmental Sustainability
Section D: Executing the Strategy
10: Building an Organization Capable of Good Strategy Execution
11: Managing Internal Operations: Actions That Promote Good Strategy Execution
12: Corporate Culture and Leadership: Keys to Good Strategy Execution

Part II: Readings

1. New Business Models in Emerging Markets
2. The Power of Vision: Statements That Resonate
3. Getting into Your Competitor's Head
4. Operational Capabilities: Hidden in Plain View
5. Orchestrating the New Dynamic Capabilities
6. The Battle of Value Chains: New Specialized versus Old Hybrids
7. Low-Cost Strategy through Product Architecture: Lessons from China
8. Managing Strategic Alliances: What do We Know Now, and Where Do We Go from Here
9. How to Win in Emerging Markets
10. Why Is Synergy So Difficult in Mergers of Unrelated Businesses?
11. When Managers Pressure Employees to Behave Badly: Toward a Comprehensive Response
12. How to Do Well and Do Good
13. The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution
14. Six Sigma at Your Service
15. Mismanaging Pay and Performance

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